About us

"Ritagli di G" was born from an inspiration.

I am Giusy and a few years ago, I started Ritagli di G, a completely handmade leather accessories workshop, which puts into practice the principles of Circular Economy.

I came into contact with the 'art of sewing' when I was very young and the world of manufacturing, craftsmanship, selection of materials and research into details fascinated me from the start.

The inspiration: why not translate this skill into something more?

At the same time, however, I came across a big problem: the huge accumulation and waste of post-production or pre-consumer fabrics and leathers that were being thrown away.

And so I took matters in my own hands and created Ritagli di G, where scraps going to landfill are given a second life, thus becoming wonderful accessories with high craftsmanship value, 100% Made in Italy and with a low environmental impact.

This is now "Ritagli di G”.

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