What makes us special

Unique and sustainable products

Ritagli di G. specialises in the creation of bags, backpacks and leather goods, made from leather and fabric recovered mainly from the processing of armchairs and sofas. All the products are the outcome of great experience in the world of leather and high craftsmanship, resulting in unique products of great value that are extremely durable over the years.

A Responsible Brand

Core values

Per le nostre creazioni utilizziamo solo materie prima di altissima qualità. Lavorati artigianalmente e 100% made in Italy

1. Respect for people

We work with passion and in a highly respectful environment, where no worker is exploited.

2. Low Environmental Impact

We utilise materials from overproduction by giving them a 2nd life. Turning discarded material into an environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral resource.

3. Quality of our raw materials

We select and recover only the finest raw materials, which are turned into handmade products. Unique or limited edition pieces, 100% made in Italy.