How a sustainable brand is born:stories of resilience.

Today our Giusy addressed the issue of sustainability at the Nervi-Galilei Technical Institute in Altamura.

A told the story of Ritagli di G., from the birth of the brand to the evolution it has undergone over time, explaining how it is increasingly important to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and how fundamental it is to reverse gears towards a circular economy:

“The more we adopt these practices, the more we will see that circular economies are not only possible; they are necessary for our very survival”

The circular economy is a system that captures and replenishes all the resources it uses, which promotes the recycling of products, materials and energy.

To maintain a circular economy, it's important to recognize the various ways you can be sustainable, from reducing waste to choosing more environmentally friendly materials.

Ritagli di G - how a sustainable brand is born at the Nervi-Galilei technical and technological institute in Altamura
Ritagli di G - sustainable brand at the Nervi-Galilei technological institute in Altamura